Why Advertise in Medical Offices?

Credibility in the business world is extremely important. The PlayMyAd Health Network allows the complete delivery of your commercial to consumers in local medical office waiting rooms. Research has shown that consumers who see ads in their doctor's office see it as more believable and credible. When you want to show your credibility to clients, advertising in medical offices is a great option. The team at PlayMyAd Inc. can help you create an ad for any business where establishing trust with the consumer is paramount.

There are several key benefits of the PlayMyAd Health Network, including

Reaching local consumers where, according to statistics, 80 percent are planning to go shopping afterwards
Connecting with people who are the most interested in your products and services
Playing your ad in the waiting room can help you get a head start on establishing consumer credibility

When you want to establish consumer credibility while also getting the biggest bang for your advertising buck, choose the PlayMyAd Health Network and advertise in medical offices. PlayMyAd Inc. can ensure that your message is sent to and received by your target audience, including those in medical offices. Call us today and you can find out how to get started with a local targeted advertising campaign!

Which Types of Businesses Can Benefit from the PlayMyAd Health Network?

There are many businesses that can benefit from the PlayMyAd Health Advertising Network, including:


Auto Dealerships



Beauty Salons

Bicycle Shops

Car Wash

Child Care

Child Activities


Clothing Stores



Financial Services


Home Furnishings

Insurance Agents


Meal Preparation

Party Supplies

Personal Trainers


Private Schools

Real Estate Agents



Senior Assistance


Travel Agencies

Tutoring Services

If you are interested in alternative advertising options with PlayMyAd Inc., call one of our Local Marketing Consultants at 888-411-6923 today!

Is Advertising in Local Medical Offices Effective?

PlayMyAd Inc. is the perfect tool for marketing for small businesses. With our services, local businesses can produce and air commercials throughout the local community of consumers. Our extensive networks allow clients to choose venues where their business’ target audience is most likely to see and positively respond to the ad. PlayMyAd Inc. is happy to offer services that can help local businesses reach their target audiences effectively.

Our experts estimate that in our Medical Network, your commercial will be played every 30 minutes and receive over 1,500 view per month. When you are creating an advertising in medical offices campaign, it is important that you make your advertising dollars go as far as possible. With PlayMyAd Inc., we ensure that you gain access to great networks at a great price. PlayMyAd Inc. offers an affordable investment for small- and medium-sized businesses who need to make every advertising dollar count.

Time is money in the business world. PlayMyAd Inc. offers you the benefit of saving time with our patent-pending technology. You do not have to worry about your advertising campaign because we do the work for you! PlayMyAd Inc. experts can help you choose the right target audience and venue, create an effective ad and play it frequently for your target audience.

PlayMyAd Inc.’s services let you tap into local marketing expertise by consulting with our marketing team members. Each member is trained and experienced and can offer you critical guidance and support when choosing the right target audience for your ad. Our team can also offer creative talent for helping you produce effective and engaging commercials. With PlayMyAd Inc. you can achieve the best ad results and reach in your local community.

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