Why Advertise at Malls?

If you want to reach as many shopping consumers as possible, PlayMyAd Inc.’s Mall Network can help. By advertising in malls through our network you can get over 100,000 views a month! The mall is a great place to advertise because mall shoppers are already in a purchasing state of mind. They can use interactive kiosk screens to access the mall directory while also seeing your commercial playing on the screen. These high-end 42” interactive screens showcase your commercial and promote your business to shoppers in your local community

There are several key benefits to advertising in malls with the PlayMyAd Mall Network, including:

Reaching an audience of over 100,000 people every single month
Connecting with consumers who are already in a purchasing state of mind
Playing your ad in high traffic areas of your local mall, such as the food court

When you want to reach as many shoppers as possible, there is no better way than to advertise in malls through PlayMyAd Inc.’s Mall Network.

What Type Of Businesses Can Benefit from the PlayMyAd Mall Network?



Auto Dealerships

Auto Repair

Car Rental

Car Wash

Carpet Cleaning

Child Care


Dry Cleaners



Financial Services


Golf Courses



Interior Design


Medical Offices

Night Clubs

Party Supplies

Pet Services

Real Estate

Sports Venues

Travel Agencies

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How Effective is Mall Advertising?

PlayMyAd Inc. is proud to offer an extensive Mall Network because we know it is one of the best ways to reach a large number of shoppers. We estimate that your ad will receive 185,000 views per month and be shown every 7.5 minutes to shoppers who are at the kiosk or walking by. This ensures that a large number of shopping consumers will see your ad and know about your business and promotions.

Are There Other Benefits to Using PlayMyAd Inc.’s Mall Network?

PlayMyAd Inc. is a specialized out-of-home advertising platform that allows local businesses to create and air commercials on television screens throughout their local community. Specific local venues are chosen where the business’ target audience frequents. The team at PlayMyAd Inc. is proud to offer services that can help you reach your target audience with your message and services.

Along with offering access to a great network, PlayMyAd Inc. also offers competitive pricing. We promise that our services are an affordable investment. Small- and medium-sized businesses must make every advertising dollar count and should consider utilizing our extensive networks at a great price. We offer mall network digital advertising starting at just $95 per month!

While pricing and an extensive network is great, the team at PlayMyAd Inc. takes it a step further. With our services you can tap into local marketing expertise with our local marketing consultants. They can offer you critical guidance and support when choosing your target audience to achieve the best reach and results. Along with expert consultants you also have a range of creative talent at your disposal. We want to make sure you have the best possible ad and access to creative talent who can help you make effective and engaging commercials. Our clients are always amazed by how quickly and easily we produce great commercials for their business advertising needs.

Finally, working with PlayMyAd Inc. also gives you the benefit of saving time. Our patent-pending technology ensures that location-based TV advertising has never been easier to make or distribute. When you choose PlayMyAd Inc. for your advertising needs, we can help you choose your target audience and venue, create your ad and ensure that it is played frequently.

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