Why Advertise at Gyms?

If you want to target local consumers who are health conscious, high energy, and are interested in learning about health related businesses and services, consider advertising your business at local premium gyms. You want to show your consumer that your product or business fits into their active lifestyles. By advertising at gyms you choose to target a specific group, like health conscious individuals, which yields a far better return on your advertising investment.

Does PlayMyAd Inc. Offer a Fitness Network?

Yes! PlayMyAd Inc. offers a range of networks including a fitness network for targeting specific types of consumers. The PlayMyAd Fitness Network allows your commercial to become a part of the daily routine of health conscious consumers in your local community.

This offers business owners several key benefits including:

Reaching image-conscious consumers who use premium gyms in the community
Connecting with local consumers who spend an average of 80 minutes per visit at the gym. This will result in repetitive viewing of your commercial
Playing your ad for high-energy consumers
Having your commercial become part of their daily health routines

There are many benefits when you choose to work with PlayMyAd Inc. Our Fitness Network averages about 57,000 views per month with a frequency of 7.5 minutes. Pricing for this network begins at $95 a month.

What Type of Businesses Can Benefit From Your Fitness Network?

There are many types of business that can benefit from the PlayMyAd Fitness Network including:

Alternative Health Services

Auto Dealerships


Barber Shops

Beauty Salons

Bicycle Shops

Car Wash

Child Activities

Child Care



Clothing Stores

Cosmetic Dentists


Exercise Equipment

Hair Removal

Health Food

Health Insurance

Home Furnishings


Insurance Agents


Meal Preparation

Medical Offices

Plastic Surgeons

Pool/Hot Tub

Private Schools


Tanning Salons

Travel Agencies

Tutoring Services

Weight Loss

Wellness Centers

Call PlayMyAd Inc. today at 888-411-6923 to speak with a local marketing consultant!

Can PlayMyAd Inc. Help Me Advertise At Local Gyms?

PlayMyAd Inc. is a specialized advertising platform that helps local businesses create and air commercials to target audiences. When you are marketing for small businesses you must be price-conscious and get the biggest bang for your buck. That is why PlayMyAd Inc. offers small- and medium-sized businesses place-based advertising. This means that your ad will appear in local venues, like gyms, which cater to your target audience.

The team at PlayMyAd Inc. offers services that will help you reach your target audience. When you choose our services your will gain a range of benefits like:

Affordable Investment – The team at PlayMyAd Inc. understands that small- and medium-sized businesses need to make every advertising dollar count while still gaining access to a large network. That is why we offer competitive pricing to meet any business advertising budget!
Tap Into Local Marketing Expertise – Along with great pricing, PlayMyAd Inc. offers local marketing consultants who can provide you with critical guidance and support in choosing the right target audience for the best results.
Range of Creative Talent – Few business owners want to make their own commercials, nor have the knowhow to do it. That is why PlayMyAd Inc. is proud to offer creative talent that can help you produce an engaging and effective commercial geared to your target audience. Our clients are constantly amazed at how quickly and easily we produce and deliver a great commercial for their business. Now you can be too!
Save Time – By taking advantage of our patent-pending technology, you can get effective location-based TV advertising easily and quickly. We can help you choose the right target venue, create your ad and even ensure that it is played frequently for the best results!

No matter what type of target audience or venue you need, PlayMyAd Inc. can help you create an effective advertising campaign to fit it. Call us today for more information!

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