Why you should market to college students:

According to Entrepreneur Magazine:

"It's a great word-of-mouth community. Since they see each other often, they always need new topics of conversation."

"Five Tips for Marketing to College Students", Williams, Geoff, Entrepreneur Magazine, September 23, 2010

You Get A 2-for-1 Deal

You are getting a 2 for 1 deal by starting a college marketing program. Any advertising that you do within the college audience has a natural built-in word-of-mouth marketing, so you are getting 2 forms of marketing for the price of 1.

PlayMyAd's College Marketing Program helps you to precisely target the college audience and amplify the word-of-mouth marketing component.

With this program your company will receive:

A 30-second commercial played in the campus bookstores of nearby colleges and universities. Commercial plays every 20 minutes.
Social media images to promote your business with and help fan the flames of word-of-mouth marketing.
Getting Started with College 
Marketing Guide filled with helpful tips
to get the most out of your college marketing initiatives.

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