Why Advertise at College Campuses?

The PlayMyAd College Network can deliver your commercial to a targeted and profitable student audience through ad placement on college campuses, including in college stores and gyms. By advertising to college students you can enjoy years of loyal purchasing by reaching students while their buying preferences are being formed.

Are There Benefits to Targeting the PlayMyAd Inc. College Network?

There are a range of key benefits to choosing marketing on college campuses with the PlayMyAd College network, including:

Reaching college students and enjoying word-of-mouth marketing found only on campuses
Connecting with consumers and achieving greater credibility for your business by associating it with well-known colleges and universities
Playing your ad to this specific audience can create customers for life

When you choose advertising on college campuses with PlayMyAd Inc., we can ensure that your message is received by your target audience, from a college campus to the local grocery store. Call us today and find out how you can get started with your local targeted advertising campaign!

What Businesses Can Benefit from PlayMyAd Inc.’s College Network?

There are a variety of businesses that can benefit from PlayMyAd Inc.’s extensive college network, including:



Auto Dealer

Auto Repair

Barber Shops

Beauty Salon

Bicycle Shops

Blood Donation

Car Dealer

Car Rental

Cell Phones


Coffee Shop


Exam Prep

Hair Salons

Health Clubs

Health Food




Call the experts at PlayMyAd Inc. today at 888-411-6923 to speak with one of our local marketing consultants who can help you with marketing to college students and developing a successful advertising campaign.

How Can PlayMyAd Inc. Help Me Advertise to College Campuses?

PlayMyAd Inc. is an advertising platform that allows local businesses to create and run commercials on televisions in local venues where their target audience is. The team at PlayMyAd Inc. offers services that will help you reach your target audience. We encourage you to take advantage of our services because:

  • It Is an Affordable Investment - Small- and medium-sized businesses that need to make every advertising dollar count should consider gaining access to our large networks. We offer a range of competitive pricing so that any business can start advertising in at least one of our networks for as low as $55 a month!
  • You Can Tap Into Local Marketing Expertise - Our local marketing consultants can provide critical guidance and support in choosing your target audience so you can achieve the best results.
  • You Have a Range of Creative Talent at Your Disposal – Few business owners know much about making the best possible ad. That is why PlayMyAd Inc. offers access to creative talent that can help you make an engaging and effective commercial. Our clients are constantly amazed by how quickly and easily we produce a great commercial for their business. You can be too!
  • You Can Save Time – By using our patent-pending technology, location-based TV advertising has never been easier to create and distribute. We will help you choose your target venue, create your ad and ensure that it is played frequently at your chosen target venues.

No matter what venue you choose, PlayMyAd Inc. can help you create an effective advertising campaign.

Does PlayMyAd Inc. Track the Results of My Advertising Campaign?

While you can see the time and frequency that your ad plays on our Proof of Play Reports, you can also track the actual results of your advertising yourself by following three simple steps:

Step 1:

Create a unique incentive for your commercial that you can use to identify its effectiveness. For example, if your target audience is college students you can offer a 20 percent discount on your products or services with a valid student ID. When a customer asks about the discount you will know they saw your commercial. It is proven that campaigns that include an incentive or discount will drastically outperform campaigns that do not. If you need help developing an idea for an incentive, call our experienced and friendly customer service team at (888) 411-6923.

Step 2:

Tell your employees that you are offering a promotion. If you do not they may refuse to give the discount. This will reflect badly on your business and could lead to a loss in customers and bad reviews.

Step 3:

To properly track how the promotion is redeemed you can use high-tech or low-tech options. For a high-tech option, create a special "promotion code" to issue the discount. This will keep a record of how many times the code is used which can allow you to track your ad’s effectiveness. A low-tech option is having your employees ask how your customers heard about you. Regardless which way you track your results, you will see how many customers received the discount.

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