Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Your business now has a new competitor and you’ll never guess what it is...

Your customer’s CELL PHONE

It is Competing for your customer’s:

Why not harness the power of this technology?
Win your customer back by using cell phones in your marketing.

PlayMyAd now offers text message campaigns. It’s simple:
You create a promotion for your location-based TV commercial while we help choose your keyword and set up your text message campaign.

Potential customers see your commercial with your text-in offer

43% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when mobile offers are part of an advertising campaign that unfolds over time across multiple channels.

Potential customers receive a message on their cell phone

95 - 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt . Customers show the text message to redeem the offer Mobile coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed than traditional coupons.

Satisfied customer experience

90 percent of consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them.

(Contact PlayMyAd customer service to receive reports on the number of opt-ins)

Track results

Text message marketing is a great way to track the results of your location-based TV advertising campaign.

Check out these commercials that have used text opt-in offers:

To learn more about how to enhance your advertising campaigns with text message marketing, speak with one of our local marketing consultants!


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