Location Based TV Advertising
Location based TV advertising is a type of media that displays commercials on LCD or plasma TV screens outside-of-home making it easier to reach today’s on-the-go customer.

Hit Your Target Audience

Unlike many other forms of advertising, location based TV advertising allows you to affordably target a particular audience that will be interested in your product or service. For example, if you own a dog walking business in Palm Springs, CA, you can have your commercial played on the TV screens in vet waiting rooms in your community. This level of targeting is hard to achieve through other methods.

Like a Billboard but Better

A combination of the best of billboards and TV watching, location based TV advertising delivers results. You get the effectiveness of billboards and the engagement of TV. With traditional TV advertising, it would be very expensive and near impossible to target a set geographic area of consumers near your business. With location based TV advertising, they could be watching the commercial for your auto repair shop that is located next door while waiting in line at the grocery store.

Jump Ahead of Your Competition

Location based TV advertising is emerging as one of the most effective sources for ad space. Fortune 500 companies have been incorporating this into their advertising strategies for quite some time. However, very few small businesses are advertising in this field, but that number is growing every day as more and more businesses discover this unique advertising opportunity. While a competing pizza restaurant is still using Yellow Pages, your business could have a 30-second TV commercial playing at the local college driving customers right into your business.

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