Are you tracking results?

The Achilles' Heel of Your Advertising Campaign:
Are you tracking results?

The inability to track results can be the downfall of a successful location based TV advertising campaign. Not to worry, because it is very easy to measure the results of your advertising campaign! Just follow the 4 steps below, and you will be well on your way to becoming a marketing expert.

Step 1: Create a unique incentive for your commercial

Let's say your company is offering a discount (i.e. 20% off for students), and this promotion is currently appearing in your online and newspaper advertisements. If the same promotion of 20% off is being used in your commercial, it can be very difficult to determine where your potential customer heard about your incentive. In order to better track of the results of your location based TV advertising campaign, you can make a unique incentive exclusively for your commercial (i.e. 25% off with a valid student I.D.)

Campaigns that include an incentive or discount drastically outperform campaigns that do not include an incentive. If you need assistance with developing an idea for an incentive, you may call our customer service team at (888) 411-6923, option 2.

Step 2: Tell your employees

Ensure that your entire staff is aware that you are running a commercial and that they are informed of the incentive or discount that is being offered in your commercial. It would be detrimental to your business if potential customers that ask about your incentive are turned away by uninformed employees. At best, you may have just missed out on a great future customer and their repeat business. At worst, you may end up with an awful online review due to a negative customer experience.

Step 3: Track how the promotion is redeemed

There are high-tech and low-tech options for tracking your offer. If your business is tech savvy and all of your sales are tracked in a computer system, you can create a special "coupon code" or "promotion code" that your employees must enter to issue the discount. For example, when ringing up the customer, the employee must enter "25OFF" to give them the commercial-exclusive 25% discount.

The low-tech option is to have your employees simply ask new clients, "How did you hear about us?" For example, if you are a dental office, an easy step is adding this question onto your new client form.

Step 4: Evaluate your results

At the end of the week, month, or quarter, you can review the results of your campaign by counting how many people received a 25% discount. The only way a customer would have heard about the 25% discount was through your location based TV advertising campaign (because you created a unique offer – see step 1).

Don't let the inability to track results be the undoing of your campaign that is generating results for your business. By taking the time to track your results, your advertising campaign will not be defeated by its Achilles' heel.

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