Why Choose Location-Based TV Advertising With PlayMyAd Inc.?

Location-based TV advertising is a special type of local marketing that displays commercials on LCD or plasma TV screens. Unlike your typical commercial, these specialty ads are displayed outside of the home, making it easier to reach today’s on-the-go customer. Rather than focusing on traditional commercial space between hit TV shows, you can gear your advertising campaigns to locations where your specific target audience is located.

When you choose local business advertising with PlayMyAd Inc. you will gain access to many benefits including:

Hit Your Target Audience

Unlike other forms of advertising, location-based TV advertising can allow you to affordably target a particular type of audience who will be interested in your product and/or service. For example, if you own a dog grooming business in Palm Springs, CA, you can target your commercial and advertise in veterinary office waiting rooms in your local community. This thorough level of targeting is extremely difficult to achieve through other advertising methods.

Like a Billboard, But Better

Traditionally, advertising has been achieved through the use of billboards and TV commercials. However, local marketing and TV-based advertising is shown to deliver even better results than these traditional methods. With location-based TV advertising you get the effectiveness of billboards as well as the engagement of TV. Traditional TV advertising can be very expensive and is difficult to target a set geographic area of consumers that are near your place of business.

Get Ahead of Your Competition

Local advertising is quickly emerging as one of the most effective sources for marketing. Fortune 500 companies have been incorporating this type of strategy into their advertising campaigns for a while now, however very few small businesses are taking advantage of this advertising field. Do not be stuck in the advertising Stone Age. Rather, get ahead of your competition by taking advantage of this great service.

How Do You Track Advertising Results?

The experts at PlayMyAd Inc. have found that the inability to track results can be the downfall of a location-based TV advertising campaign. However, you do not have to worry because it is very easy to measure the results of your PlayMyAd Inc. advertising campaign! There are four simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Create a Unique Incentive for Your Commercial

If your company is offering a discount, you can track how effective your commercial is by making a unique incentive exclusively for the commercial, like 25 percent off with a valid student I.D. When customers come in and ask for the discount you know where they heard about it. Campaigns that include an incentive or discount can drastically outperform campaigns that do not. If you need assistance developing an idea for an incentive, our skilled and experienced customer service team can help! Call us at (888) 411-6923.

Step 2: Tell your employees

It is important to make sure that your entire staff is aware that you are running the special commercial with an incentive or discount. It would be bad if a potential customer asks about your incentive and are turned away by uninformed employees. This could result in the loss of a great customer and their repeat business as well as an awful online review.

Step 3: Track How the Promotion Is Redeemed

When it comes to redeeming your promotion there are both high-tech and low-tech options. If your business is tech savvy and you track all sales in a computer system you can create a special "promotion code" to issue the discount. The low-tech option could simply be your employees asking new clients, "How did you hear about us?"

Step 4: Evaluate Your Results

Review the results of your campaign by counting how many people received the promotion or discount. You will know that the only way a customer would have known about the promotion was through your location-based TV advertising campaign, thus the results will be more accurate.

Do not let the inability to track local TV advertising rates be the undoing of your advertising campaign. With PlayMyAd Inc., we can show you how to take the time to track your results and see how successful your PlayMyAd Inc. local advertising campaign is.

Why Choose PlayMyAd Inc?

PlayMyAd is a special local advertising platform that helps local businesses create and run commercials that are geared toward target audiences, like those playing on college campuses, at grocery stores, salons, or any other local venue. With PlayMyAd Inc., location- based TV advertising has never been easier! Our simple 3-step process involves:


Choose your venue from our large selection


Create your ad with our creative team


Play your ad and gain more business

The team at PlayMyAd Inc. knows that our service is an affordable investment allowing businesses to tap into their local market.

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